About the company

An Innovative Start UP was born in April 2019 in Caserta, in the south of Italy, able to design, develop and produce the largest aeronautical propulsors units powered solely by electricity, capable of delivering all the power necessary to push and fly every size and type of aircraft. 

Our Innovative Start Up has the intellectual property of a patent application disclose at Italian Patent Office (UIBM) in March 2018, of the first generation in the world of the largest aircraft propulsor powered solely and exclusively by electricity ever developed to date, based on the concept of many counter-rotating propellers all within a nacelle. The propulsor has already been designed and developed up to the first stage of industrialization.
The Innovative Start UP was born with the greatest enthusiasm in the development of the new electric technology, but also with the awareness of wanting to give an extra chance to our planet to make the future of our children and grandchildren better, contributing concretely to the decrease in heating of the planet as well as the emission of harmful gases.

We want to stop this disaster

The ICAO ENVIRONMENTAL REPORT 2016, AVIATION AND CLIMATE CHANGE provides a clear picture of the disaster we are facing from today until 2050, without going any further since if we do not adopt immediate initiatives to strongly reduce the emission of greenhouse gases and pollutants, the future after 2050 there may be no more for anyone.

The most important companies in the world that build propulsors for aircraft are studying how to reduce the pollution of aircraft engines both on current turbofans and on new engines, most of which are hybrid, since under the guidance of ICAO, many governments have “CORSIA” agreed as a universal measure to address aviation carbon reduction.

For these reasons we can safely claim to be proud to have had the ability to look beyond this agreement, to take the longest step of the leg and to directly design ZERO pollution propulsors, since they are powered exclusively by electricity, but at the same time powerful, safe and efficient for every size of civil, commercial, military and even long-range drones.