Our Mission

Design development and production of propulsion systems for each type and size of aircraft, powered solely and exclusively by electricity.

No more planes that spread pollution, greenhouse gases and diseases around the world.

No more cities where people breathe a high percentage of air pollution that spreads diseases.

We work because we want to give more effectiveness to the reduction of earth heating and the emission of harmful gases.

We want a world in which the future of our children and grandchildren be better.

All this can be achieved also using zero-emission/pollution aircraft engines as soon as possible.

With our propulsors we want to anticipate the service of solely electric aircraft, since our engine has the size, power and safety of being able to replace existing turbofan engines already operating on all aircrafts in service today, in addition to obviously equipping the new aircraft models of the future. So when the ours or by others solely electric propulsors will be installed on the first commercial airplanes, Greta Thunberg, her family and all the young environmentalists of the movement “Friday for Future” that follow them, will start again to use electric planes for their movements because of zero emissions.