A huge business opportunity

We have new ideas, deep technical capacity, enthusiasm and stubbornness, so are looking for funds from all over the world, provided by governments, investors, investment funds, Angel’s business, Venture Capital, sponsor or anyone with an enlightened vision of the future of humanity. We are also aware that we can have strong partnerships with our competitors or with other companies that want to enter into our own business. The funds thus collected will allow us to carry out our projects creating value for the company, work for the population and at the same time give a strong contribution to saving the planet, effectively to the decreasing the earth heating as well as the emission of harmful gases. 

The whole world is waiting with trepidation and hope for the use of the only electric aircraft propulsors, so our best business model is to satisfaction the needs and desires of the world population.

We know well that large investments will be needed in the first years of development and prototyping up to arrive after 3 or 4 years to the verifications and real tests on airplanes and only later to obtain the most important international certifications as EASA and FAA.

We have also developed a financial business model, which obviously provides us with a positive profit only after the sale of the first engines, which can happen after at least 4-5 years from the beginning of the activity.

Please contact us for any other info or if you want give a contribution to let the Startup take off: 

Certifified Mail:     info.neae-gsi@pec.neae-gsi.com

Info mail:     info@neae-gsi.com