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Our Mission

Design development and production of propulsion systems for each type and size of aircraft, powered solely and exclusively by electricity.

No more planes that spread pollution, greenhouse gases and diseases around the world.

No more cities where people breathe a high percentage of air pollution that spreads diseases.

We work because we want to give more effectiveness to the reduction of earth heating and the emission of harmful gases.

We want a world in which the future of our children and grandchildren be better.

All this can be achieved also using zero-emission/pollution aircraft engines as soon as possible.

About the company

An Innovative Start UP was born in April 2019 in Caserta, in the south of Italy, able to design, develop and produce the largest aeronautical propulsors units powered solely by electricity, capable of delivering all the power necessary to push and fly every size and type of aircraft. 

Our Innovative Start Up has the intellectual property of a patent application disclose at Italian Patent Office (UIBM) in March 2018, of the first generation in the world of the largest aircraft propulsor powered solely and exclusively by electricity ever developed to date, based on the concept of many counter-rotating propellers all within a nacelle. The propulsor has already been designed and developed up to the first stage of industrialization.
The Innovative Start UP was born with the greatest enthusiasm in the development of the new electric technology, but also with the awareness of wanting to give an extra chance to our planet to make the future of our children and grandchildren better, contributing concretely to the decrease in heating of the planet as well as the emission of harmful gases.

We want to stop this disaster

The Business ... a big deal

We have new ideas, deep technical capacity, enthusiasm and stubbornness, so are looking for funds from all over the world, provided by governments, investors, investment funds, Angel’s business, Venture Capital, sponsor or anyone with an enlightened vision of the future of humanity. We are also aware that we can have strong partnerships with our competitors or with other companies that want to enter into our own business. The funds thus collected will allow us to carry out our projects creating value for the company, work for the population and at the same time give a strong contribution to saving the planet, effectively to the decreasing the earth heating as well as the emission of harmful gases. 

The whole world is waiting with trepidation and hope for the use of the only electric aircraft propulsors, so our best business model is to satisfaction the needs and desires of the world population.

We know well that large investments will be needed in the first years of development and prototyping up to arrive after 3 or 4 years to the verifications and real tests on airplanes and only later to obtain the most important international certifications as EASA and FAA.

We have also developed a financial business model, which obviously provides us with a positive profit only after the sale of the first engines, which can happen after at least 4-5 years from the beginning of the activity.

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Our Product

Aeronautics experts and the environmentalists, know that planes and helicopters from all over the world contribute at least 3÷4% of the world’s CO2 pollution, as well as the emission of harmful NOx, PM10 and PM2.5 gases or dust together water vapor, which are linked to lung damage. It has been calculated that for every kg of fuel consumed by a jet engine, 3.16 kg of CO2 are released into the atmosphere. As in the average a big plane use 10.1 kg of fuel for each kilometer under typical cruising conditions, but very much more of this to landing and take-off, so to fly from two airports only 550 km far, uses 10800 kg of fuel, which releases a little over 33 tons of CO2 in the atmosphere.  In addition, companies incur high fuel supply costs, which are reflected in ticket costs. Using electricity from green sources, passenger tickets would be reduced by at least 50%. 

Media foreseen that by 2050, aircraft emissions are projected to more than triple. Unchecked, between 2016 and 2050 global aviation will generate an estimated 43 gigatonnes of carbon dioxide emissions.

we want to stop this disaster

Our Innovative Start UP have as aim the design, develop and production of the largest aeronautical propulsors units powered solely by electricity, capable of delivering all the power necessary to push and to fly every size and type of aircraft. With our new propulsor we will anticipate the development of aircraft with exclusively electric power, (airplanes, helicopters and long-range drones), introducing into the world aircraft market an electric-only propulsor, counter-rotating turbo multi-propellers, able to develop the necessary thrust on aircrafts both for subsonic and supersonic flight.

The main advantages of the our new aircraft propulsor powered solely and exclusively by electricity and based on the concept of many counter-rotating propellers all within a nacelle are:

  • ZERO emissions/pollution
  • More efficient and with a higher yield than current turbofans
  • Lighter for the same thrust developed
  • Simpler constructively and therefore much more reliable than current turbofans
  • Less expensive than current turbofans
  • Has a reduced maintenance cycle
  • It can be used without any variation, even for the vertical take-off of same specific aircraft​
  • Can have many air outlet nozzles to modulate the right power needed for each size of aircraft​
  • There are some specific items that simulate the effects of a heat engine to give a boost of power, at least in the take-off phases or in any case also in emergency situations if necessary
  • It does not have parts that need programmed replacement, since it does not have a gearbox, it has no oil, it has no parts that wear out quickly, apart from the rotating blades of fans and the bearings
  • It can also equip long range drone, in which case the drones will have the enormous advantage that the engine will be totally independent of time, in the sense that it does not need any refurbishments after 10/20 years, but it will be sufficient to connect the charged batteries allocated on the back of the drone and start it



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